Pearlie Girl Had Her Puppies

We are happy to announce the arrival of Pearlie Girl & Mosely’s


Born December 7, 2011.

More information and photos will be posted when the puppies are 2 weeks old. We have both girls and boys in the litter. All puppies are solid white or cream colored.

They will be ready for their new homes around February 1st.

Things are Hoppin’ Around Here

Boy, have we ever been busy with all the puppies!  Pearlie Girl had her white/cream Shichon puppies last evening and night, and she is the final pregnant mom in the nursery that was waiting to have her puppies.  Everything went smoothly and the puppies are fat, warm, and cozy this morning!  I’ll open a litter page for her on the Available Puppies page soon!

The nursery is all a buzz with activity and I’m proud of each litter and the progress they are making with their potty training.  The Lilly and Princess puppies are in the Advanced stages of Litterbox training, with access to the entire 4×4 playpen.  They hit the litterbox most of the time and we’re just continuing to provide a small space to help their aim be as accurate as possible.  The Harmony and Rosie litters are in the intermediate stage of litterbox training.  They have graduated to a larger bed and have been given some floor space, so far with great success.  And Lucy’s litter has just barely begun their litterbox training.  I introduced the litterbox a few days ago, but haven’t seen either of the puppies toddle out onto it just yet.  In time, they will.  The rest of the puppies are too young, but their turn will come soon enough.

We’re busy preparing crates, setting vet appointments for Health Certificates, and lining up all the shipping and deliveries that are coming up in the next couple of weeks.  There is going to be quite a handful of families that will have a new ball of fur for the holidays! 

I’ve been out to the nursery already this morning, cleaned up everything, built the fire in the wood stove, and will go back out shortly to get Rosie’s Bichon Frise puppies.  Today they are 6 weeks old, and it’s time for their 2nd Mini Groom, Photos, and an Action Video!  Stay tuned for updated pictures on their litter page in the Available Puppies link.  Jean-Luc has a forever home, but Pierre and Sebastian are still waiting for their special families!  Maybe it will be YOU!!

Sending puppy kisses your way!  Kristy

Our Family Christmas Photo from several years ago. 

The kids are holding some of our very first ShihTzu puppies!