“Hey Guys…Come and Play With Me!!!”

Braden found his voice!!   They all really had a great time playing together!

6 responses to ““Hey Guys…Come and Play With Me!!!”

  1. Those puppies are sooo cute! It is so fun to watch them in “action”. Thank you Kristy for giving us “parents to be” a glimpse into the future. How is Molly doing?

  2. Thanks for all the great videos of Sophie. She looks like an Amazon woman next to the other dogs. I can’t wait to get her. She seems so tolerant and mellow which is a great thing.

    • Marilyn, I had the pleasure of meeting Sophie last week. She is a beautiful dog! Her eyes are gorgeous and she has a fantastic coat! She was very calm and self-assured, especially with youngster Braden…who loves her! Congrats on getting a magnificantly trained dog from Kristy!

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