Hello Springtime

A blog is a work of art.  And it’s not just about the words.  It’s about the color, the layout, how it makes you feel when you read it.  How easy it is on the eyes to look at.  How interesting the content is…all of those things need to be considered when having a blog.  I enjoy blogs that look nice.  I must be a very visual person because if a blog bothers my eyes, or isn’t laid out in an attractive manner…well, I move onto the next one.  It’s not only the words that need to engage me! 

So that brings me to my blog.  I just changed the color scheme and the background photo.  It’s the only “springish” photo I have right now.  There is NOTHING green around here yet.  We are in that muddy transitional period where everything is still brown and ugly, or snow is melty, slushy, and dingy looking.  There simply isn’t anything beautiful to look at, and while spring has officially arrived, according to the calendar, it will take a few more weeks for us to “see’ it here.

I hope the colors of this new look are ok for now!  I like it, good enough anyway to keep it, for now.  I do envision GREEN in the future.

Here are some pictures of our chickens. 

They have officially been moved to the chicken coop, and boy are they happy there!  I am happy too.  The mess is where it belongs now!

“Puff Head”

This is one of the Araucana chickens.  He (actually, it better be a “she”, but it’s an awfully BIG chicken compared to the other two from the same bin)  is especially unique with his/her white feathers and his/her red breast.  I’m eager to see what he/she will turn out like.  I did buy all pullets, so he better be a she!!
We go out there twice a day to check on them, fill their feed and make sure there’s enough water.  The ducks have grown so much, they’re twice as big as the chickens now.  They are still fluffy, cute, and yellow, but they are starting to get their pin feathers, so I expect they will begin to turn white very soon.
They’re so cute in this little bucket!  Once we can let them outside, there will be a kiddie pool for the ducks!

I thought this web was cool!  It’s all covered with dust, looks abandoned, but I could only wonder if there was a “Charlotte” somewhere in the coop, keeping my little ducks and chickens company!!

2 responses to “Hello Springtime

  1. Susan, I noticed you had changed your blog. I should have left a message telling you it looks really nice!! KristyPS, let me know if you see this. Not sure if people come back to check under their comments!

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