Goodbye Winter

It’s official.  The magic date has passed (March 20th), and the first day of Spring has come and gone.  It is still pretty cold at our place.  We are still building daily fires to keep the house warm.  But there are patches of dirt and dead grass showing through now, instead of the beautiful blanket of white that once surrounded our home.  This is the photo that has graced the background of my blog for “winter”. 

We enjoy glorious winters here.  They are cold, white, and not always sunny like this photo.  We anticipate the snow, and look forward to it’s arrival.  We also anticipate when it will finally leave, and stay gone!!  It’s time for spring.  It’s time to change the blog to the new season.  I don’t have that many springtime pictures just yet from around this place, so I’ll use what I have….a picture of the new chickens!  But before I do that, here is a memoir of my blog for Winter, 2011.
Hello Springtime….

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