Remembering the Details

I opened up Blogger this evening to read my usual blogs and I was stunned with all the new posts I haven’t read yet.  Has it been several days since I’ve been on here?  It’s one of my favorite things to do….come here and read…some blogs by people I know….others I haven’t met yet in real life.  It relaxes me.  It motivates me to add something to my own blog.

I’ve been thinking what I could add…what is going on in my life?  My new iPhone has been tons of fun.  I’m trying to figure it all out, trying to utilize the planning calendar App that I bought for it, and trying to get more organized with meals, chores, and especially the dog business and all the details that surround that.  Using such a tiny keyboard for everything is a challenge, but I’m getting faster using the tiny keys (though I believe an iPad is definitely in my future!!).  The calendar can by synced to a Google calendar, so now I’m learning how to do that. 

I find Facebook to be very useful to get information from my friends on how to do these technical types of things.  I have a wide range of friends, from many walks of life, and I am grateful for how willing they are to help me and answer my questions!  I also utilize Google frequently when I have questions about something, and often am able to find the answer there, tucked away in some obscure blog post, but somehow Google finds it for me!  It makes me happy when I can figure out and solve the “problem”, whatever it may be!

My oldest two children are away this week on Spring Break.  They’re with Pathfinders, on the Teen Mission Adventure, doing a building project at a camp, renovating some cabins.  Darien went last year and really enjoyed it.  He actually enjoyed it so much, that he specifically said it was important to him, to go again this year, so that is in part, how we decided on UCA for his schooling, instead of one in California, near Grandma’s house.  Kaelyn didn’t really want to go on the mission trip, but she called and said she was having fun, so I’m glad for that.  I insisted that she go, even though she wasn’t overly thrilled with the idea at first.

Kendrick is home with me, taking on everyone else’s chores, devising games to play with me (we’re currently playing Monopoly), and enjoying his week off from school.  We went skiing yesterday, and will go again Friday.  Thursday we’re taking some dogs to Pullman to get heart checks, and tomorrow (Wednesday) night is Pathfinders, after a trip to get a Health Certificate at the vet.  The week is very full, yet I feel like not much has been accomplished.  I have to bathe 3 adult dogs tomorrow, trim them, and do their nails, to have them ready for Thursday.  I also need to buy crates, if Walmart has them (they didn’t have the right size the last time I was there), for them to travel in. 

Daryl comes home late tomorrow night, and Thursday he heads to Seattle, to ship a puppy on Friday.  I also have to bathe that puppy, and get the leash/collar, crate, food, Health Certificate, shot record, etc. ready for shipping.  My head is spinning, trying to remember everything, and that is why I’m trying to learn this Google calendar thing that can sync to my iPhone.  A week this full is typical in our lives, and I have to keep track of everything, and not forget any of the details.  My life seems like one long “To-Do” list, but I guess that would be typical for the mom in a family.

I do like it better when Daryl is home…the house is a lot warmer, and it’s just good to know there is a man around the place!  I do like, not having to share the computer, though! 

I took pictures of two different litters of puppies today.  These are the Mal-Shi pups!

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