I am not a cook, but I know how to cook.  Have I said that before?  I have been on a cooking spree the past few days.  I’ve made Split Pea Soup with Y2K peas, homemade gluten steaks, and Pumpkin Pie!  Before that, I had made Cabbage Pockets, which were all devoured very quickly by everyone here!  I did take a couple pictures of the Cabbage Pockets, and hope to make some more soon. 

These are a lot of fun to make, and not too difficult.  This time I used pizza dough crust instead of the sweeter crust in the recipe.  I want to try some with a tofu & spinach filling next.  The kids really enjoy forming these into little pockets and I can’t blame them.  All of us want to have a part in folding up the little bundles and putting them on the cookie sheet to bake.  They often get very creative with their designs!

Horse and “Sponge Bob”
Here is the pie!
I’m discovering that there is a real art to photographing food.  This will be good practice, trying to make it look yummy to eat in the photos!

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