Just a Few More Flakes…

I keep thinking that just maybe spring is here to stay. There is more brown now, than white on the ground, and each day the patches of snow get smaller and smaller. But for the past week, we’ve woken up to several days where everything is white again. Just when I think there can’t possibly be another flake of snow in the sky, the world is white in the morning.

It’s as if Mother Nature is in the sky with a gigantic towel, that is being twisted each morning, a little tighter and tighter, forcing out a few more flakes of snow each day. I keep wondering how there can possibly be anymore, but every morning there is a new little dusting, just enough to make everything white again…enough to make me wonder if spring will ever fully settle in. It’s raining today, so perhaps all the snow has finally been squeezed out of the towel!!

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