Putting Out Some Feelers

Hi Everyone,

Things are winding down here for puppies, but I wanted to let everyone know what our plans are for December and potential puppy delivery.

We are available for puppy nanny service to CA, both driving and flying. This means we will be passing through Oregon and maybe even western WA on our way down. The plan would be for Daryl to drive down I-5 or (Hwy 97 through Oregon) and deliver puppies along the way, the week of December 19-22. He could also hit Hwy 99 in CA depending on where people live. Dates would need to be somewhat flexible while we sort everything out. We’ve done this before and met people along the way as needed.

I will be flying to Ontario, CA on December 15 and will have space in the cabin for up to four puppies. One space is already taken, so really room for just three more puppies. I’ll be arriving in the evening and would ask people to meet me at the airport.

There will be delivery fees for these services but I’m certain it will be cheaper than flying to us the week before Christmas (though you’re welcome to do that as our adult sons will be home holding down the fort, and available for puppy pickup at our home)!!

We have two litters that will be ready at that time, two blenheim females from Emily and seven pups from Mercedes. I will be doing a photo session with them all tomorrow so everyone can see how they are growing. They are currently four weeks old this week. There are males and females available.

This post is specifically to see if there are people that might take advantage of our travel plans, or who would like to get on the litter lists for these puppies.

We have these five people on the specific litter lists for these nine puppies. They will be matched in this order:

1. Dawana B, CA,-SS F-already matched

2. Janet R, CA

3. Jackie M, CA

4. Melissa P, FL

5. Jasmin A or Z?, who is local to our area in WA

This travel opportunity is totally wide open. We are putting out feelers to see if there is enough interest for my husband to make the drive. I’m flying no matter what.

Please reach out by emailing us at silverpawcavachons@gmail.com if you’d like to get a puppy and discuss travel.

Of course, you don’t have to live in WA, OR, or CA to get a puppy, and you’re more than welcome to come to us.

We would love to see all the puppies matched before Christmas if possible, but as I said, our sons will be home to take care of any puppies until they find their forever homes.

Can’t wait to hear from everyone!!