Who’s Ready For a Puppy?

Hi again!

Tomorrow is puppy matching day, Thursday is vet day, and this weekend they can all go home! Who’s ready for a puppy?

Please let me know if you’d like your name on our call list for these babies! We have six girls and five boys available!

Here are some candid snaps of them. Videos and more pictures are on Facebook.

Please email us at silverpawcavachons@gmail.com

Ask me about delivery to Seattle and shipping from Seattle for these puppies!


One response to “Who’s Ready For a Puppy?

  1. Hi Kristy,

    We have Bella in Eugene, a re-adoption here. She is two and her mother was Scarlett. (Born 9/2/20) We adore her but she has behavioral issues so I’m emailing you for possible help.

    She is fearful of everyone and most other dogs and backs off of anyone trying to pet her, even those she meets quite frequently. She also is still nippy even with us. She has also gone after the mailman and nipped him and goes into a frenzy when they try to deliver packages at the door. She freaks out when the gas station attendant try’s to come to the car to pump gas. Overprotective?

    She is impossible to get groomed now as the groomer will no longer groom her, from the best, most experienced shop here. (Send Rover Over) The groomer said it takes two people to groom her and last time she clipped her short all over and charged me $98.00.

    8 months ago the vet had us give her a calming treat. (Soloquil?) This did little to help. We’ve used a small dog park here frequently to try to socialize her.

    I’m making another appointment with our vet and wanted him to know that I have contacted you for any helpful suggestions.

    Thank you, Suzanne and Jerry Wojcik

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