Denver Puppy

Hey Everyone!

Who is in Colorado and wants a puppy?? Our mistake is your gain.

This morning my husband flew with a puppy to Denver. Everything went perfectly…until…

The lady of the family called to tell me we sent the wrong dog!! What???!!!

After I raced home from school to double check, sure enough, she was right. So we have a beautiful blenheim male from the Penny litter in Colorado now and we’d love to not have to fly him back here.

He is a super cutie. He’s playful, very loving, and obviously ready for his new home. He will be in Colorado for the weekend and if we don’t find him a local home there, my husband will bring him back Monday morning.

I think this is the very first time this has happened in almost 20 years. I blame myself because I did not triple check everything this morning and I was not awake when my husband left for the airport. The puppies do look very similar so I get how my hubby could mix them up.

Anyway, we are just hoping there might be a Colorado family ready for a puppy and shipping is free!!

Please CALL me if you want more info about him. I have more photos and video to share.