Update to the Scarlett Call List

Hey Everyone!

Sunday is coming soon and that is the day I will be matching the Scarlett puppies. I wanted to post an update because we’ve had two families with a change in their plans. Here is the new call list:

(Puppies listed after each name are not what is matched, but instead showing which puppies that particular family likes)

#58 HowardWendy B-Females

#68 Jenn Y-S/W M small, S/W M medium, females

#81 Ying Y-S/W male with spot, S/W M medium, SS F

#84 Christine D-SS F

#94 Jennifer P-Any S/W M

#99 Maryanne M L-S/W M with spot, S/W M small

#101 Vanessa D-Any pup

#109 Claudette C-Any pup

#113 Gent W-Gold F

#115 Mamie B-Any pups

#118 Lisa H-SS F, any S/W M

#120 BrianLynn B-SS F, any S/W M

I will begin calling around 10am Sunday, April 18th. Looking forward to speaking with many of you then!

Kristy 💕😊🐶

3 responses to “Update to the Scarlett Call List

  1. Hi there! Do you have any videos of the puppies… I would love a preview of the males especially prior to our call on Sunday if possible. Thank you so very much!

    Jennifer Pezzolo
    Principal Designer

    Pezzolo Designs for Hospitality
    PANACHE by Pezzolo Designs

    415.897.0404 – MARIN/SF
    707.778.8866 – SONOMA

    800 Lindberg Lane, Suite 155
    Petaluma, CA 94952

  2. Unfortunately we will have to pass on this litter as timing isn’t the best for us. Number 99– please take us off the list. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Maryann Moreno Lorenz


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