Update #2 to the Scarlett Call List

I’ve heard from another family who said the timing isn’t best for this litter, so here is the updated call list for tomorrow.

#58 HowardWendy B-Females

#68 Jenn Y-She has been matched to the smallest sable/white male since she was first for the boys.

#81 Ying Y-S/W male with spot, S/W M medium, SS F

#84 Christine D-SS F

#94 Jennifer P-Any S/W M

#101 Vanessa D-Any pup

#109 Claudette C-Any pup

#113 Gent W-Gold F

#115 Mamie B-Any pups

#118 Lisa H-SS F, any S/W M

#120 BrianLynn B-SS F, any S/W M

I don’t know how deep we will get on the list. Can’t wait for tomorrow!!

Kristy 💕😊🐶

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