Scarlett Litter Call List

Hey Everyone!

I have closed the Scarlett litter and want to share the call list for next Sunday. Here is the order of people who will be called along with their puppy choice favorites. This should give us a guess as to how this litter might be placed.

#51 Kim M-SS F or smallest S/W M

#58 Howard B-Female pup

#68 Jenn Y-S/W M medium, then small, females

#72 Ruhina Taj K-Gold F

#81 Ying Y-S/W M with spot, S/W M, SS F

#84 Christine D-SS F

#94 Jennifer P-Any S/W M

#99 Maryanne M L-S/W M with spot, small S/W M

#101 Vanessa D-Any pup

#109 Claudette C-Any pup

#113 Gent W-Gold F

#115 Mamie B- Any pup

#118 Lisa H-SS F, any S/W M

#120 BrianLynn B-SS F, any S/W M

Have fun figuring out how this might play out. My guess is that we will get as far down as #104 with a couple people on the list being skipped because the females will have already been matched. If you’ve only selected females and they are already matched I will not be calling you.

Also, please remember that if I call and nobody answers, I will wait a bit, try again, and if nobody still answers, I will move to the next name. When I’m done with the next person, I’ll go back to you. It’s important that you are ready for my call on Sunday morning.

I will start calling around 9:30-10:00 am on Sunday morning, April 18th. I expect it will take me at least a few hours to match these 6 puppies.

If this time doesn’t work for you, please let me know and we will try to work something out if possible.

I’ll be posting more videos today of Scarlett’s pups. And pictures of the other upcoming litters.


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