Email Trouble

Notes to self.

1. Don’t wait a whole week to respond to emails. There were over 30 inquiries.

2. Don’t post a new litter blog post before responding and getting caught up with emails.

3. Don’t blindly copy and paste the WRONG email to all the new people.

I just did all 3 of those things. I’m going to do a public apology here because a TON of you receive condolences about a lost dog instead of my normal first email response. Instead of individually emailing over 30 people with an apology, I’m just doing it here.

Please do email me again if you’d like info on our puppies!!

Thanks for your patience!!


2 responses to “Email Trouble

  1. Just want to be sure I’m on the wait list for one of the sable girls in the last litter. We’re interested in accelerated training too. I emailed you immediately after your earlier email.

    Thanks. Ginny

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  2. Kristy,

    We seriously want a Silver Paw Cavachon puppy. We have been preparing by going through the puppy course at MadCap University, buying puppy supplies, getting veterinary recommendations, burying aluminum flashing under our fence gaps, arranging for a gated fence section at the front of our house, reading e-mail every day, checking Facebook and your web site often. We are retired, have a large yard, and can provide the resources a puppy would need. Indoors we have arranged a crate, play pen area. We’ve even talked about having two, so that the first one won’t be lonely. We are active walkers.

    Barbara and Martin Sherry #64 on your list

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