Getting Ready To Go Home

Thirteen puppies are all ready to leave. We got the last health certificates today, fit collars and leashes on each puppy, and we’ve started to put together their puppy packs. We are bringing extra food for those that were not able to get the brand we are using. Bring an extra ziplock so we can fill it with extra food for your pup.

The first row on the left, we are driving to deliver those pups. The middle row are puppies that are flying. And the row on the right is coming to our house to pick them up.

If your puppy is part of this group, watch for an email with more details about pickup location, flight information, etc.

If you haven’t already, be sure to order the NuVet Pet Supplements. We have found these to really help with the transition from our home to yours. Plus, they just boost the immune system which is important to the health of your puppy and dog. They are learning to take the vitamins out of our hands like treats. All of them currently get 1/2 tablet. When they reach 5 lbs, they can have a whole tablet. (Buy the tablets not the powder)

Because we are traveling with so many puppies, you should probably plan on your pup needing a bath shortly after arriving home. We can’t promise how clean they might be!!

They are all stinkin cute right now and full of shenanigans!! You’re all going to love them!!

Paige/Pearlie crew
Paisley crew

We have so been enjoying the nice weather! What a blessing to be home and to be outside.

See you all soon!!


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