Available Jesse Puppies

Jesse pups, ready for puppy selection. This litter is literally wide open. The only pup matched is the sable and white male. All the rest are available girls. They will be ready to go home Friday, December 13th, which is one and a half weeks from now. Anyone is welcome to contact us about these pups.

Here is a video and I’m planning to load a few more to FB this evening.


Here is the litter list. Sometimes, plans change for people and that seems to be what happened here. Nobody is waiting for any of the females. This is a rare chance to slip in and snag a pup without waiting.

I’m looking forward to talking with each of you about these pups. Adult size should be a solid 15-20lbs.

Blenheim female with the most color. Very outgoing and playful. Energetic!

Blenheim female. Playful, sweet, and cute!

Blenheim female with the wider face. Super sweet and loving!

Sable & White female, our little pirate with one patch on her eye. We don’t often get asymmetrical markings on the face, so she is a rare beauty!

Sable & White male. He is already matched to his forever family. Playful, tail wagging, ready to embrace life!

Please contact us via email, silverpawcavachons@gmail.com, regarding these pups. We will not respond to inquiries left here in the comments. We need communication to all be in the same place. Thank you!


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