Here They Are! Let’s Start Matching!

The Sadie boys are almost 7 weeks old and it’s time to match them to their forever families. If you’re on our waiting list and have an interest in these pups, send me an email.

They will be ready to go home February 12 or later. They are fun, playful, and full of shenanigans!!

I’ll be reaching out to those that have already put their names down for these boys. Right now it looks like Frosty is possibly sold and one of the golden/red pups. That leaves two red pups still available. I’ll update as puppies are matched. Looking forward to hearing from all of you!

Cuddle bugs.

L-R No star, Large Star, behind him is Medium Star, and Frosty. The bit of wore on their heads are the different sized stars.

Oh man, the cuteness!

No Star

Medium Star

Large Star


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