Update on the Annie Litter Puppy Selection

Hi Everyone!

We’ve been matching the Annie puppies to their forever homes and here is where things stand:

Amy passed on both Tri color puppies and is waiting for a future puppy. Lisa and Mac jumped on the Tri female. Nicole is a definite match for the sable/white girl. Christine is still deciding on the Annie blenheim girl (Melina, be watching).

For the boys, Liz will be visiting the Tri male to decide on him next Sunday. Leslie currently has first choice for both blenheim males which means we need another family wanting a blenheim male because we will still have one available once these are all matched. David wants the blenheim female from Kenzie’s litter so he passed on the Annie pups.

The pups range in weight as follows…this was at 5.5 weeks old. “Girl” is the tiny blenheim female and the boy is the large blenheim male. They are the smallest and largest in the litter. Adult weight should mature to 14-18 ish lbs, but this is just my best guess. I’ll know better when they’re 8 weeks old.

Let me know if you have questions or are interested in one of the blenheim males.


(Lake Huron)