All the Names are in Order

Hi Everyone!

I’ve updated all the lists and all the names are now in waiting list order. Have fun analyzing all the data!

Here is the Master Waiting list. If a name is circled, that person has first choice for one of the puppies. Also, be watching carefully to this whole process if you’re 2nd for any puppy. You never know what could happen! And to those in 3rd or 4th, thank you for your patience! While this round doesn’t look as promising, soon you’ll be in the first two spots and your time will come! And, you never know what might happen on this round!

I appreciate all the emails and all of you that have given me your choices. We have a very healthy list of interested families which means all of the puppies will be going to wonderful forever homes!

The Paisley litter will be ready for new homes when I will be out of town so we need to coordinate pickup soon so all the details are in place!

Sadie’s pups have done well with their foster mom Paisley.

Annie’s litter is on their feet now and starting to interact with each other. So cute!