Update on Posy

Posy, an F1b solid sable Cavachon went home last Sunday. She went from country dog to city dog and it sounds like things are going well. Here is an email from her new owner, plus a photo and video. Enjoy!

Hi Kristy,

Great to meet you in person, and thank you so much for Posy!

We just went to the vet this morning, and all looks well. She’s adapting to the city really well… she doesn’t seemed bothered or scared by all the cars and other loud noises. She’s been really great with other people and dogs (albeit a bit shy with the other dogs at first). She’s a natural on the leash, as she loves to stay close by to me. We have some work to do on training her to enjoy her alone time, as she can get upset if I leave her sight for too long. Potty has been a bit of a challenge, as I don’t have any obvious grass anywhere near my apartment, and she doesn’t seem naturally predisposed to want to go on the makeshift dirty / weedy areas near my place. I’m rewarding her good potties outside, so hopefully she’ll get the hang of it!

Here’s a link to a video of her playing fetch. She picked it up immediately!