Paige Litter Puppy Selection

I’ve just uploaded 3 videos of the Paige puppies on Facebook and I want to post an update for everyone that has shown interest in this litter. I’m going to list each puppy and then the names, in waiting list order, of everyone interested in that pup. If your name is first or second on any of the Paige pups, we need to talk on the phone ASAP.

As I talk with people I will post updated photos of this list on the Paige & Colby litter page (which I will make live this evening). I’m hoping one of my early videos shows Paige in it and I’ll see if I can get a photo of Colby. I’ll also list their weights, but for now Paige was 15 lbs lactating (I weighed her right after she delivered) and Colby is 22 lbs. I expect these pups to be 16-22 lbs as adults.

Also, some of you have your names here in this litter and also on the other litters. You’ll need to let me know if you want to pass on the Paige pups and wait for a Scarlett or Roxy pup, or wait for new litters to be born. It’s time for decisions!

Here is a quick look at the other litters so you can see what your chances are for those pups.

And also the order of the waiting list.