Waiting List and Puppy Interest Updates

Hey Everyone!

I’ve settled back in from my trip and I’m happy to report that all litters are doing well and puppies are getting fat and cute!

I plan to do updated videos this week, so be watching for those to first show up on Facebook.

I want to show the most recent waiting list. I will update the website version very soon, but this is current as of tonight (4-9-18)!!

I also wanted to give a quick update on puppy interest so you can all see which puppies are in high demand and which ones are completely wide open.

As you all have been emailing me and telling me your interests, I’ve been penciling your names in next to the puppies you’re talking about. These are in no particular order and if someone said they could be interested in 3 different pups, I’ve written their name down in 3 different places.

We have not begun formal selection for Paige, Scarlett, or Roxy yet, but we did match both of the Allie puppies to their forever families. (Congrats Trudy and Lizzy, and I’ll be in touch very soon)

Nobody has mentioned the Paige puppies yet.

Sable/White seems to be the high demand color from Scarlett so far.

LOTS of interest in the Roxy sable/white girls. As I said, these names are not in any order, but you can get an idea if you have a shot at a pup if you compare these lists with the order of the waiting list.

Also, if you emailed me with a selection, and you don’t see it here, please resend the email. Since I was in Italy, and now going back to work, I could have missed an email or two and I apologize.

If you’re on the waiting list and haven’t been in touch with me, feel free to shoot me an email, especially if you’re ready to bring a puppy home in the next couple of months. The dates written next to the mom names are when these puppies are ready to go home.

Let me know if you have any questions.