New Puppies Born!

Hey Everyone!
I’m back from my trip to Italy and while I was gone, two litters were born (Scarlett and Roxy)!

I’d like to invite those on the waiting list to check out the sidebar of the website as I’ve listed the colors/genders and dates of when the puppies can go home.  Please let me know if you have any interest in the Allie, Paige, Scarlett, or Roxy litters judging right now simply on timing, color, and gender.  We will talk about personality when they are older, but you can definitely let me know if this timeline or what we have could possibly work for your families.

I’ll be updating each litter page soon and adding litter pages for the new puppies.  Until then, enjoy this cute little Italian dog that was in one of the leather stores in Rome!!

PS, I noticed several dogs while I was there…ShihTzu, Bichon, Cavalier, SharPei, Husky, Yorkie, and French Bulldog! There were also a few large dogs that looked like mixes of some kind. This little guy seemed to be the store mascot!