Puppy Selection for Paige Pups Coming Up…

Waiting list, puppy selection, we’re getting ready to start the fun part and stressful part of raising puppies–figuring out which puppies are going to each home!

Here is that same waiting list with a few minor changes.

Adam, who was # 9 on the list, found a puppy local to him, so he asked to be taken off the list. Aja and Guy sent their $50 waiting list fees via PayPal and they have been added to the list. Ann Marie is deposit pending so her name is still in pencil and I’ve circled everyone who has asked me to pencil their names next to specific puppies.

Here is an update on all of the interest for each of the puppies. The Allie litter is officially matched, therefore the names are written in INK. Everyone else is still written in pencil.

Since my last post, we’ve had a surge of interest for the Paige girls, but things are still totally quiet for the Paige boys.

As I explained before, I pencil names in EVERYWHERE that people tell me they have interest. Look at Carol S. While she does actually want 2 pups and her name is holding two spaces on the waiting list, her name is penciled next to 3 puppies in Scarlett’s litter, and also both of the Paige girls, but she’s not getting all 5 of those puppies. Others ahead of her may choose the same puppy she’s interested in, and that puppy will be out of the mix before it’s her turn to choose.

It takes time for all this to settle out, and it’s really important for everyone interested to be checking emails frequently during this process so we know what everyone wants to do.

I will also do my best to answer all your questions, post specific photos and videos if you ask for them, so things will keep moving forward quickly.

I usually open a litter for puppy selection when they are 5 weeks old. That means on April 17, two days from now, we will begin puppy selection with the Paige pups. I will do another video that day and also try to do individual photos of each puppy.

If nothing changes between now and Tuesday, Rene would have first choice for the sable/white female and Christine L would have first choice for the blenheim female. But nothing is official till Tuesday and I talk with each person again via email or phone. This is also assuming that nobody else higher on the list changes their mind and decides to go with a Paige girl.

As you can begin to see, puppy selection can be complicated, time consuming, frustrating, and sometimes disappointing for those that had their hearts set on a certain puppy. It is also wonderful, exciting, and fulfilling when all of the pups are matched and people can move into the next phase of preparing to bring their puppies home.

I’d like to encourage everyone to check the FAQ page and scroll down to the “What do I need to get for my new puppy?” question. There is good info there so you will have everything ready when your puppy finally comes home.

Once you are matched to a puppy, I’ll want to talk on the phone to go over the details of puppy pickup. Please remember that we do charge $100/week beginning at 9 weeks old if we need to hold a puppy longer for you.

Let me know if you have any questions. Let the fun begin!!

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