Please Email Directly For Info

This is just a quick announcement and request…

If you want info about our puppies, you MUST email us directly. Please do NOT leave a comment as we will not post info about the puppies in the comments on each blog post.

There are several that have left comments and we encourage you to send your inquiries via email instead.

We currently have 8 male puppies available, with at least 2 families on the waiting list that will be choosing from those puppies. After we respond to your email, calling us will expedite the process of getting your name on the waiting list, enabling you to have a chance to choose a puppy.

Thanks for cooperating with our system. It’s the only way we can stay organized with the multiple inquiries that we receive each day.

The Boys

I need to hear from everyone on the waiting list. Many of you want a female puppy, so I assume you will be passing on all these boys! But please let me know either way.

We have 2 Blenheim males from the Chantel litter, and 3 Sable/White males plus 2 Blenheim males from the Paige litter.



Moving Forward

All of our puppies that are old enough to go home for Christmas have been sold.

Now we look ahead to the 7 new male puppies that will be ready in late January. We have a lot of new inquiries, so if you are currently on the waiting list and want a male pup, please reach out and let’s talk.

I will post photos of the new babies on Sunday. We have 4 Blenheim and 3 Sable/White.

Who Wants Me?

How is this puppy still available before Christmas?? She is 8 weeks old and almost 3 lbs. This puts her in the 10-14 lb range as an adult.

Her personality is very animated and she interacts with everyone and everything like a giddy school girl. She is happy, and tail wagging, and outgoing!

Please send an email if you’d like more info about our puppies!

There is a brand new video of her from this morning on our FB page.






Update on Available Puppies

We still have 2 puppies available for Christmas!

The black male from Roxy’s litter and a sable/ white female from Jazzy’s litter.

My inbox is full of inquiries, so I’m working through those right now.

Here are the pups that are available.


Black Male


And one of these 5! She’s the one with the second most white in the Jazzy videos on FB. I’ll try to get a better photo tomorrow. She was sold, but the family decided to wait till spring.

Please email if you’re interested in one of these puppies. Thanks!