Who Wants Me?

How is this puppy still available before Christmas?? She is 8 weeks old and almost 3 lbs. This puts her in the 10-14 lb range as an adult.

Her personality is very animated and she interacts with everyone and everything like a giddy school girl. She is happy, and tail wagging, and outgoing!

Please send an email if you’d like more info about our puppies!

There is a brand new video of her from this morning on our FB page.






Update on Available Puppies

We still have 2 puppies available for Christmas!

The black male from Roxy’s litter and a sable/ white female from Jazzy’s litter.

My inbox is full of inquiries, so I’m working through those right now.

Here are the pups that are available.


Black Male


And one of these 5! She’s the one with the second most white in the Jazzy videos on FB. I’ll try to get a better photo tomorrow. She was sold, but the family decided to wait till spring.

Please email if you’re interested in one of these puppies. Thanks!

And Then There Were 5…

Available puppies with one family left to choose from the waiting list.

Sable/White F Jazzy Litter

Gold F Abbey Litter
Solid Sable F Abbey Litter
Solid Sable F Abbey Litter

Black Male Roxy Litter

This might be the first time ever that we have more females than males still available. Every puppy left is fantastic, playful, affectionate, and will make a great family pet.

I had someone ask about the solid sable?…someone else that wanted 2 females?…and a family inquiring about the black boy?

Please send an email if you’re interested in one of these last 5 pups. I’ll be posting a video of them on FB later today.

Still Some Christmas Puppies

We are down to our last 2 families on the waiting list to choose their puppies. We still have the following puppies available:

Sable/White Female Jazzy Litter

Gold Female Abbey Litter
Solid Sable Female Abbey Litter
Solid Sable Female Abbey Litter
Blenheim Male Abbey Litter

Black Male Roxy Litter

At least 2 of these last six puppies will be selected. This means that we FOR SURE still have 4 available Christmas puppies for families that want to swoop in and get a pup! I don’t know which 4 will be available right this minute, and there are at least 2 other families not on the waiting list that I have spoken to in detail, but I know I have the last 2 families on the waiting list making their final decisions, and after that there will still be 4 available puppies.

I expect they will go VERY FAST. Please remember we will not hold a pup without a deposit.

Merry Christmas everyone!!



Raving About Cavachons

Recently in my emails…

We are observing at a golf tourney at the country club next to our home. We have Mickey in our cart with us. Two people have approached us who also have Cavachons and are just raving about how great they are, how smart, how sweet and how that is the only kind they will ever have in the future. We agree, of course.

Janet & Roy

And this is the sweet Abbey puppy “Dottie J” that went home to Janet & Roy. We just saw pictures of her a little older with her solid sable brother!