Matched Puppies So Far…

It’s me again!
Below is my list of matched puppies.  What I need from everyone is to begin gathering shipping information and details.  If I don’t have a ship/delivery date beside your name below, please get in touch with me so we can talk about when/how you are getting your puppy.  If you are wanting an Accelerated Puppy, but I don’t have that noted below as well, please let me know, so I can add it to the waiting list information.

It’s only a couple weeks away for 8 week old puppies to be going home, so I need all the details for those puppies so I can begin booking their flights.  Please confirm that I have your info correctly listed below, and/or if I need to add anything to it.

Thanks again everyone for your patience as I juggle everyone, and all the puppies!!

1. Kristen L, CA – Med. Blenheim M Abbey Litter

2. Linda C, WA – Black F Roxy Litter, Accelerated Puppy

3. Doris P, CA – Sable/White M Roxy Litter (pending)

4. Jocelyn M, CANADA – Smallest Sable/White F Jazzy Litter, Accelerated Puppy (Jan 16 ship to Seattle)

5. Ken & Cathryn P, OR – Lg. Blenheim M Roxy Litter, Accelerated Puppy (Ship Portland around Jan 20th)

6. Codie, WA – Small Blenheim Male, Abbey Litter

7. Ray & Chris, CA – Sable/White F, w/ most white, Jazzy Litter (Ship San Francisco Dec 15th)

8. Charlene & Richard G, WA – Sable/White F w/ white strip, Jazzy Litter (Local Pickup)

9. Kasni E, IN – Sable/White F w/ most brown, Jazzy Litter

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