Who Wants Me?

How is this puppy still available before Christmas?? She is 8 weeks old and almost 3 lbs. This puts her in the 10-14 lb range as an adult.

Her personality is very animated and she interacts with everyone and everything like a giddy school girl. She is happy, and tail wagging, and outgoing!

Please send an email if you’d like more info about our puppies!

There is a brand new video of her from this morning on our FB page.






8 responses to “Who Wants Me?

  1. Ohhhh – I want her so bad for Dixie to play with !!!! Your cavachons are the BEST puppies ever !!!!! How much is she?? Dixie who I got from you almost 2 years ago is 26 lbs and the BEST puppy ever!!! Would you give me a good price on her?

    Thanks – Fleming Edwards

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  2. Please let me know about ur beautiful pup.. I have s 4 year old cavachon female needs a playmate .. Ty Cathy ❤️🐶

  3. I just wanted to make sure you got my email! I have a 2 yr old girl from you and hands down best dog ever ! Her name is Dixie and she is like my 4th child!! She would love a companion ! I just need to convince my husband ! Can you give me some more info as far as cost etc!!

    Thanks – Fleming

    Would love to send you a pic of Dixie so please send me info so I can forward to you

  4. She’s spoken for! 🙂 Silver Paw seems like an excellent breeder. Very excited for my family! My little girl is going to be ecstatic when this little fur baby pops out of the box!

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