Here is an update from Janet P! She has two Silver Paw pups, Mickey, a sable/white male, and Dottie, the sable/white female pictured here. Dottie is her second pup from us.

The two pups pictured here are siblings as she explains in her update! Thanks so much Janet for sharing. I LOVED seeing all of you together again!!

(Dottie is the smaller sable/white female and Eddy is her solid sable brother)

Thought you might like to see Dottie J (Palmer) and Eddy G (Littlefield) at 7 months old.

We finally were able to get the two (litter-mates) together. They were excited to see each other (or maybe just another dog??). Dottie became ‘boss’ almost immediately; and Eddy let her, just like our Mickey has.

It was such a thrill to see Eddy. Needless to say he is a very handsome boy. And, obviously he is much bigger than Dottie. Hard to believe they are litter mates, especially since Dottie was not at all a runt. Dottie weighs 14 lbs. Eddy is in the 20 lbs. area.

For sure Eddy is as loved and doted on as Mickey and Dottie are.

Anyway, very exciting, maybe for me more than anyone. HAHA

Janet P


This pic was taken Tuesday 10-19-2014.


This pic was taken back in July, after I had picked up Dottie and Eddy, the day Sharon and Bill came to take Eddy home.