Seamus Update

This is an update on the golden male pup from Annie & Colby’s litter.

Hi Kristy —

just a quick health update on our boy Seamus — we went to the vet today and he was a little trooper for his microchipping, first round of lepto and bordetella.Vet very happy w/his overall health…and thrilled out of his mind with his bite (vet may have been a dentist in another life).

Seamus is more himself every day. he’s charmed the pants off the vet techs, friends and neighbors. (he stole my heart from minute one of landing in Madison.) .

At the moment, he’s busy killing his squeaky rabbit which is a good alternative to my dirty socks (his REAL favorite toy)

Sorry for no pix — my camera’s decided to go haywire — but wanted to let you know Seamus is great and healthy.

Thank you again for a wonderpup!


Thanks for the update! Can’t wait to see pictures of him in his new home!!

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