Sophie & Braden Meet the Children

I have so much to talk about and I feel so behind with my blogging!  This post happened over a week ago, but I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had a chance to talk about it. 

I’ve been taking Braden and Sophie with me everywhere, and especially to places that have children.  On this evening, we all went to Pathfinders, a youth activity with our church that my children are involved in.  Wow, was it ever eye-opening to realize that children are loud, quick with movements, and they can be quite overwhelming to a puppy!  My kids are generally calm at home I guess because though these pups have been around them quite a bit, it wasn’t the same as at the church.

Two of the younger girls were enamored with Braden and Sophie, and they both passed hands throughout the entire evening!  I also let the kids take them for a walk, which now is no problem for either of them, but on that particular night, they weren’t so sure about walking with a strange child.


Even though Sophie is a little more than a lapful, or an armful, they toted her around like she was their favorite dollie!  Sophie just tolerated it.  As it was her first experience with this, I’m not sure she “relished” it, but she was very good mannered and just let them do whatever they wanted to do.  I”m sure she would wear a Halloween Costume if someone put it on her because she just is sweet like that.




Braden did really well too, and I think he actually gave a few kisses while in the arms of the girls!  By the end of the night, both pups had tails wagging, and they were willingly coming up to fingers stretched out for sniffing! 

It is our goal to take the Accelerated Puppies that have had their 2nd shot, with us to expose them to the ride in the car, children, and different sights and sounds.  ChocoBoy and Molly were not with us on this night, but they have been integrated and are coming with us now when we go to town.  I’ll be sure to post some pictures of them and their adventures soon!

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