Sabbath Afternoon

I just discovered that I have 6 drafts waiting to become actual blog posts.  I take pictures with my iPhone and then blog them with an app to blogger.  Then I finish the post on my computer by doing the typing and story telling on a regular keyboard!  So I have 6 groups of pictures, all waiting to become posts!!

A few weeks ago, when the river was still so low, we took a walk along the river.  It was a bit cool and cloudy, but the kids had fun looking for fish hooks in all the rocks.  It was a bit windy and it started to sprinkle right before we left, but it was a nice and refreshing walk overall.

 This is our “jumping” place, where the kids jump off the rocks and into the water during the summer.  I may have mentioned before how glad I was to see that there are no large, hidden rocks, under that dark water.  They can jump all they want with no worries of striking something under the water!

 Kaelyn was the chief fish-hook finder.

 The sky was warning us that rain would be coming soon!

 When it did rain, we took cover in the car!

 Self Portrait!  I just had my hair done the day before, so was getting used to the new highlights!

 We drove around a bit after the rain started, and there were these sweet, little yellow wildflowers.  I wanted to get a picture, and was completely delighted when I took a close look at this one!  I loved the raindrops on the petals, but on closer inspection, I realized there is a tiny spider walking down one of the petals.  I’m going to enter this photo in the fair!  I wonder how it will do.  I think it’s a great shot! (and with my iPhone at that)!!  
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