I don’t consider myself at a cook.  At least, I didn’t…but I’ve been spending some time in the kitchen and things have been going pretty well!  I’ve been having some fun trying new recipes and resurrecting old ones that I’ve used before and my family has liked.  Here are just a few images of what I’ve been doing lately in my kitchen.

 Pita Bread

 Took this for potluck at church and everybody raved about it.  Inside was hummus, sprouted lentils, pea shoots, and olives.  It WAS really good!

 Haystack with a lot of extras!

 Sprout Salad

 Egg Noodles with Pesto Sauce

 Focaccia Bread

 The Meal…Pesto noodles, sprout salad, and Focaccia bread!

 Carrot soup, which nobody liked, and Calzones with spinach and tofu! 

I am rather amazed because being in the kitchen is NOT my favorite place to be, by any stretch of the imagination.  When I was a kid, I’d rather do almost anything than help in the kitchen.  But my family likes to EAT, and with 5 of us, that means a lot of food goes through this household.  Because I know better than to buy everything in a package, I’ve been making a great effort to cook more for them, and it has honestly been a nicely rewarding experience.  I’m blessed to not have any picky eaters either, so I’m sure that helps a lot with all my experiments!

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