Flood in Chewelah

The snow is MELTING like crazy!!  The quiet little park in Chewelah was out of control, and it’s hard to believe children splash in this little, tiny, creek during the summertime!  It was flowing fast and dangerously expanding all of it’s borders.

 The water was lapping against the cement, dangerously close to going right over the entire road.

This next picture was taken a few days later.  The water DID go over the road, and all the way onto the highway.  As of today, Memorial Day, this little bridge and road is still closed, though the water is now going under the road instead of over the top of it.

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One response to “Flood in Chewelah

  1. I was so glad to get your comments on my blog. I responded on my blog also,but I teach in Inchelium and live closer to Sherman Creek Orchard. I am across from Bradbury Beach. That is neighbors in our neck of the woods! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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