Country City Contrast

The Flour Mill…a true country store.  Absolutely love this place, the customer service, the basic garden supplies, tools, and everything someone needs for their farm.  And on some days, you can even see the farmer and his wife.

I walked into the Flour Mill and this couple was at the counter, buying their goods.  The lady was carrying a TINY black poodle, with a lopsided bow in it’s hair, and if the sight wasn’t straight out of a Norman Rockwell picture, I don’t know what is.

But the thing that made it stand out even more, was that beside this couple, that seemed to be lost on the prairie, were 3 young adults speaking Russian, and dressed to kill in their modern, 2011, current, attire.

 I couldn’t get a REALLY good picture of them simply because I was sneaking all these photos with my phone in the first place.  But having these two sets of people provided such a beautiful contrast in this life, and they seemed to both come from completely different worlds!  
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