I said I’d post pictures of my trip to the nursery that I discovered a few weeks ago!  I had so much fun checking everything out.  Here is the sign, large and so very visible along the Highway, and somehow I’ve never seen it or noticed it!

The building itself is pretty modest and doesn’t look like much from the outside.

But the inside is just bursting with color and beautiful flowers and vegetable plants!

So cute that they have little red wagons for people to use to carry their plants to the cash register!  Such a mom & pop store!

Beautiful Tomato plants, so much bigger than those offered at the competetor’s store.  And only $1.59 each!  Amazing!


More flowers and ground cover type plants!

Part of my loot that I bought!  Going back for more flowers after these are all planted!

Just love the vibrancy of these Marigolds!  They look like little burst of flames!

Happy Shopper!
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