Accelerated Puppies

We have 3 amazing puppies that are only getting better with time.


Redford, golden boy, in the pink bed. Annie & Randy, smooth coat Blenheim girl & boy, in the red bed.

Do you want a puppy that sleeps through the night?

Do you want a puppy that is fully vaccinated?

Do you want a puppy that has mastered a doggie door?

Do you want a puppy that is crate trained?

Do you want a puppy that uses a litter box?

Do you want a puppy that does not shed?

Do you want an outgoing puppy?

Do you want a quiet puppy?

Look no further! We have been working with these three puppies and they are a delight to have around!

They are Accelerated. They are almost potty trained! They are amazing and fun and cute and silly and cuddly!

Someone is going to be thrilled when one of these puppies joins the family. Is that someone you??

Update on Sophie

Another happy owner just sent me an update on their beloved Cavachon! Enjoy!

“Hi Kristy,

Just an update on our cute Sophie who we have had for a year now. She is 20 lbs and holding and full of energy and fun. I don’t think she has met a dog or a child that she doesn’t like although some of the older dogs might not be so keen on her playfulness. She is a chewer, however, so we keep the Kong and Nylabone people in business. It is amazing how good she is with our grandsons and they love her too (as you can see in the photos) except when she eats their Legos. I would recommend a Cavachon to anyone who is looking for a sweet tempered pet. I can’t count the number of complements I get on her wherever we go.




This n That

Things are almost quiet here at Silver Paw Cavachons. We are almost to our downsizing goal and have about 6 more adult dogs to place.

Our puppy count keeps dropping as each puppy goes to their forever home!

We have just 3 female Shochons still available, our very last Shichons here at Silver Paw Cavachons. Their price has been significantly reduced so let me know if you might be interested. They are Sadie’s girls, all black and white, and just as sweet as can be!

We have a little handful of Cavachon puppies that are all ready now. The black & white puppies from Lilly’s litter are still available, a male and a female, the blenheim male from Rosie’s litter, and a sable/white male from the princess litter. All the other puppies have deposits and will he going home in the coming weeks.

Then there is the new litter of Cavachons born just over a week ago. We have 5 absolutely gorgeous puppies, all in our most rare and hard to find colors. Stay tuned for updated pictures of this exquisite litter!

I am happy it will be a more laid back summer this year because we are anticipating our move closer to Spokane in August.

Here are some recent snaps of the fun we always have here at SPK!


Male Shichon from Chelsea’s litter. He goes home tomorrow.


Candi, female solid sable from Daisychon’s litter. She goes home July 1st.


Candi’s sister, who flew back to New York a couple weeks ago!