Fergie Call List

Hi Everyone,

It’s time to match the Fergie puppies. Here are the names of those interested in this litter, and the call list order.

Please note that Jenn M has already taken her puppy home, one of the small girls, and Ruhina is coming tomorrow to choose her pup between 9-10am. After that, I will start making phone calls.

If any of the rest of you want to come tomorrow to pick up a pup, please just let me know. They have seen the vet and are ready to go now.

I’m finally done with the last week of school, 8th grade graduation, and delivering the last puppy from the Scarlett litter to a family in Connecticut. Puppy nanny service is available this summer and pending into the fall and winter.

Stay tuned for photos of the upcoming litters (we have several). Hope your summer is off to a great start!

Scarlett’s medium sable/white male
Newark puppy delivery!

2 responses to “Fergie Call List

  1. Hello Kristy, We’ve decided against purchasing a cavachon. Please remove us from your email list. Thank you. Colleen

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