Fergie Puppy Selection

Hi Everyone!

Things are going to start getting so busy here with life and puppies. We have a BUNCH of litters and school ends in nine days. For the first time, I’m also in charge of 8th grade graduation, so there are new responsibilities to wrap up this school year.

Today, the first Pearlie pup went home! She is joining “Chip” from a 2012 litter. We had JUST moved to this house and Chip’s litter had lost their mother. He was bottle fed, along with 5 siblings. It was really wonderful to see him!

Take a good look at Chip up close. He was a dark solid sable and he has really kept his color well. His family told me he has never been shaved, only trimmed with scissors for the past 9 years. Could this help Cavachons hold their color??

Paisley and Chip with their family!!

In my last post I mentioned that Kenzie was in labor. After an emergency c-section yesterday, she came home with two beautiful girls. I think this is probably our last litter until mid summer.

I’m making plans to deliver puppies to the east coast and Alaska after school ends, and it’s time to get serious about matching the Fergie puppies. Here are the videos that I posted of them on Facebook today.

There are NINE!!!…6 girls and 3 boys. They all have nice blenheim colors and they vary quite a bit in size.



They will be ready to go home after June 5th. They are currently six weeks old and they are up to date with working meds and they’ll get their first shot next week.

As you fill out the litter form, please double check your waiting list number. I have removed the names of those matched to puppies from the Pearlie and Paige litters plus a couple other families that decided to move in a different direction.


I will keep the form open until next Thursday evening. I will post the call list and I’ll make calls Friday afternoon, May 25th.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

7 responses to “Fergie Puppy Selection

  1. I don’t have a Facebook account, so the links don’t work for me. In the past I’ve been able to view the videos/pictures without an account–maybe on the website? Do I have to have a Facebook account to view them? Thanks, John (#63)


  2. Hello , you mentioned making plans to deliver pups to the East Coast. My question is have you changed your delivery policy with regard to out of state? I understand you were no longer delivering out of state. Will you now deliver to California as well? Thank You.

  3. Im not able to see pups on Facebook…can you send via email/text? We are interested in male puppy…

    Mitch and jean karp



  4. I’m sorry I said no last time. I was just telling the boys they weren’t going to be seeing their dad for a while and wanted them to settle in. Now we are ready for caring for a pup 24/7/365!

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