Paige Call List

Hey Everyone,

Yesterday completely got away from me and I didn’t call anyone. I failed to write it on my calendar and double booked myself with two parent meetings and a school event.

I’m sorry.

Here is the call list for the Paige pups. It looks like we may go 1-2-3 and be done, but again it’s hard to know for sure.

I’d like to make calls tomorrow mid morning, Sunday, May 23rd, starting around 9am. If that doesn’t work for you, send me a quick email.

Puppies are doing well and as I type this, Kenzie (bred to Kingsley) is in active labor, and she’s FAT! This is a moment of calm but she’s kind of miserable right now.

We have lots of puppies to choose from in our newest litters so keep trying if you miss out on the Paige litter.

Happy weekend!

Kristy 💕😊🐶

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