Record Time

That has to be the fastest a litter has ever been matched. I started my calling at 12:45pm and ended at 1:13pm.


Christina K-Black/Tan Male

Chris D-Solid Sable Female

I’m excited to get the puppies home to you soon (and after a few weeks for the accelerated program!!).

I will be removing these two names from the waiting list now so everyone else check your number in case it changes. I will also be posting the litter links for the Paige and Fergie puppies this weekend.

Gorgeous puppies and spring day!!

Pearlie Pups Call List

Tomorrow is the big day for the Pearlie litter! Here is the call list. Please be available for my call or email me if the time below doesn’t work for you.

I’ll start making calls at 1pm Pacific Time. I’m guessing this will go pretty quickly.

Thank you to everyone who reached out. There are more puppies coming. This is what we have growing up right now:

Paige-3 pups




And Allie is probably going to have babies tonight. It’s looking to be a very busy summer here!

Watch for litter selection for Paige to be posted this weekend. She has a golden boy and girl and a blenheim boy.

Fergie’s pups are all blenheim, and our new moms, Dutchess and London, each have rainbow litters with various colors. All of these young litters are F1 with purebred Cavalier and Bichon parents.

Here’s a peek at the London pups!