Update January 2021

I got an email this morning from a past buyer checking in to see if everything was all right since I hadn’t posted anything in several weeks. I thought I’d share my response with all of you since I’m sure others are wondering the same thing.

“Dear ________,

Thanks so much for reaching out. My mom had knee surgery and a total knee replacement in December 31st. She’s 85 and while things have been healing fine, it has felt a little touch and go just due to her age. I spent a week in CA during the surgery over Christmas break and then came home.
After getting back in the groove of home/work/dog life for two weeks, we had a new litter born from Maddie, so there are currently three litters of puppies that will be pictured soon.
My mom has had 24 hour/day caregivers for the past two weeks and I made another trip to CA to give them a few days off. The night before I left, my mom had to go back to the ER because she hadn’t felt well and had blood in her stool. That was two days ago. We are hoping she will come home later today as they found an old ulcer but she doesn’t seem to be bleeding anywhere else.
So things have definitely been the normal busy in my life plus details with my mom. I’ll be back home on Sunday and back to puppies and teaching.
There are a total of 11 puppies in the three litters:
1 blenheim female

2 golden females

3 blenheim males

1 black/white male

4 solid sable males
We will begin puppy selection for Penny pups next week. She has a blenheim male and female.”

I will do my best to get photos of all the puppies posted next week. For now, hubby is holding down the fort and I’m enjoying some California sunshine!


One response to “Update January 2021

  1. Hi Kristy, So sorry to hear all the responsibilities you’ve been shouldering. I’m hope your mom heals well and your life can soon return to its normal (busy ) pace.
    Carol Inouye

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