Waiting List Update

Hi Everyone,

I’ve done another waiting list update. I finally pulled off all the names of everyone who bought puppies from the past 4-5 litters. I’ve also added all the new names of people that have recently sent waiting list fees, AND I’ve removed the names of people that reached out and let me know they no longer want to be on the waiting list.

This means you likely have a new waiting list number and you’ll need to use that in your correspondence with me. These are the numbers we will use to match the next three litters, Penny, Mimi, and Maddie (did I mention that Maddie had four solid sable male puppies last week?).

I will be posting pictures of the puppies next week and we will begin puppy selection with Penny’s litter of two. I will post the Google Form for those interested in the Penny pups. I can let you know now that there is a very large male (likely a megachon), and a big female, and both are blenheim in color.

And back to the waiting list, if your name is missing, please let me know via email. When people leave comments here on the blog they are the last thing I see and I often don’t respond to them. Email is best and if things are urgent, call me.

If you’ve recently inquired about a puppy, you should be receiving an email soon. We are still accepting names for the waiting list. Wait times for a puppy are difficult to determine but it’s safe to say at least 6-12 months if you get on the list now.

Let me know if you have any questions—via email!!!

Kristy 😊💕🐶

My walk at my mom’s house.

One response to “Waiting List Update

  1. So sorry to hear your mom is struggling a bit. How scary not to be able to be at the hospital with her. Wait8ng list and puppies will be here when you’re ready.. Hugs

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