Trying Something New

Hi Everyone!

I have updated the waiting list in the sidebar of the website. Please check to make sure your name is there if you sent me the waiting list fee. There were about 25 new families added to the waiting list and we are back over 100 people on the list. This does NOT mean over 100 puppies will go home before you get a pup, it simply means there are that many people looking at getting a pup sometime in the near (or far) future. Once your name is on the waiting list, you are able to reach out with any litter born and let me know you could be interested in a puppy.

Right now I’m going to introduce a new way to do that.

This post is specifically for all the people already on the waiting list that are interested in Fergie’s litter. They are now 6 weeks old and I am late in getting puppy selection lined up. I’ve received quite a few emails from people indicating that they are interested in this litter, but I’d like to introduce a new method of gathering those names. If you sent me an email, I’d like you to also follow through with the instructions in this blog post.

I’ve set up a form that I’d like you to fill out. Please look on the blog and find your waiting list number as you will need that number as part of the information I’m asking for. Basically, this will create a spreadsheet for me and everything will be in one place. Currently, if I look at an email, and I’m not near my dog book, there is a chance I will forget to add the name later in the day. I’m trying to find a way to streamline things since I’m dealing with so many names on a regular basis.

Here is the link to the doc. Fergie Puppy Selection. It simply asks for your name, email, preferred phone number for me to call during puppy selection, city and state for possible transportation coordination, waiting list number, and to indicate your basic interest in each puppy. Select EVERY puppy that you could be interested in (most litters are not all the same color like this Fergie litter, so this puppy list will be more diverse with other litters). I will use this list when I begin making calls for puppy selection. (Let me know if it does not allow multiple answers for the puppy selection. I hope I set that up correctly. This is my first time setting up a Google form.)

Fergie’s litter will be ready November 22. They are all blenheim (apricot and white) in color, and there are 3 girls and 4 boys. I will do my best to get new video loaded to Facebook so you can see them in action. I will also plan to Facetime with those that are able so we can talk details while looking at the puppies. I’d like everyone to fill out this form by Tuesday, November 17th at 6p.m. and I will start making calls that evening and then continue on Wednesday after 3:30pm pacific time. The ideal time for these puppies to go home is November 22-29. After November 29, I will begin to charge a holding fee to keep them longer.

I’m looking forward to working with each of you to find just the right puppy for your family. Kristy

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