Scarlett Puppy Matching

Tomorrow is the day for Scarlett’s litter. I’m posting videos of the puppies on my FB page today. One video is of the girls, and one of the boys.

Here are the people who are in line for these puppies:

1. #1 Lili

2. #57 Ann D

3. #58 Judy D

4. #65 Chris B

5. #67 Susan D

6. #68 Ginny S

7. #69 Beth G

8. #70 Kim M

9. #72 Claudia

10. #77 Cathy W

11. #80 Robin L

12. #81 Sam H

13. #82 Barbara T

14. #83 Kathy H

15. #84 Bobbie S

16. #90 Nancy L

17. #95 Jennifer E

18. 96 Lily W

19. Julie W

This is the order for the phone calls. I’ll start calling sometime between 1-2pm. I’ll have my phone and plan to FaceTime with anyone that has an iPhone. Please send me your current phone number if you’d like to receive a call. The number I’m calling from will be 509-936-2715 for anyone screening calls.

There are 6 girls and 4 boys. I’m hoping to get all the puppies matched by tomorrow evening. Here is a quick look at the puppies!

Solid Sable Male
Light Male
Solid Sable Male
Light Golden Male
Solid Sable Female
Tiny Light Female
Golden Female
Curly Sable/White Female
Sable/White Female
Tiny Curly White Female

We will talk soon!

Kristy 🐶😊💕