Good Luck!

I’ve just processed all the emails. This is what I have so far.

Have fun with this mess! It’s an organized mess, but not too complex. If you look closely, MANY families are on every list. Obviously they will be choosing only one or two pups (those with names twice have sent double waiting list fees to hold two spaces).

Things will sift and shift as people are matched to puppies. Names will be removed once they’ve been matched. When it comes down to puppy matching day/s, I will slim the lists down even more, but always keeping within waiting list order.

I appreciate how everyone followed through and sent their emails with their waiting list number. You made my job easier in doing that and I am grateful.

Puppy birthdays are as follows:

Pearlie (F1)-August 25, ready Oct 20-26, puppy matching day October 2.

Scarlett (F1b)-September 2, ready Oct 28-Nov 3, puppy matching day October 9.

Olivia (F1)-September 4, ready Oct 30-Nov 5, puppy matching day October 11

Paige (F1)-September 10, ready Nov 5-11, puppy matching day October 16.

This should help with planning and for those potentially getting pups from different litters. Also, please be available from 1-6pm on puppy matching days to receive my phone call. If you miss my call, I am moving to the next person, then trying you again.

I will have updated lists before each day so you will know if you will actually be getting a phone call. And we will talk more between now and then. I will do my best to update videos each weekend.

We also have a very fat Fergie, pregnant with F1 cavachons. She had 8 puppies in her last litter and she’s BIG! All of her puppies will come out blenheim in color. We are expecting her to deliver any day.

Email with your questions.

For those not yet on our waiting list, as you can see, the chance that we will have a puppy that doesn’t get chosen is slim. We will open the list again in January.

Happy fall y’all!!

Kristy 😍🐶💕


F1 means the parents are Bichon Frise x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

F1b means parents are Cavachon x Bichon Frise.

PSS: if I missed your name, please let me know.

Watch For New Videos on Facebook

I plan to upload current videos of the puppies today. We have four litters, Pearlie F1 (5 pups), Scarlett F1b (10), Olivia F1 (3), and Paige F1 (2). I will be taking names from those currently on our waiting list for these litters.

Please be sure you send an email, with the name of the mother dog, your name, and your waiting list number. I don’t want to hunt down your number.

I will be sharing the litter lists so you can see where you stand. We will be matching the Pearlie pups soon.

Thanks for being part of the Silver Paw family! We will talk soon!