Updates for Dutchess and Mercedes Litters

Hi Everyone!

The puppy matching process has been a bit slow this time with the Dutchess litter. After talking with 13 families, we matched just three puppies. Then one by one, we matched two more. As of me typing this, we have the smaller sable/white female and the golden male still available. I can tell you that she has some spunk and he seems to be a gentle soul. They are both ready to go home starting this Thursday. We are taking the litter to the vet Thursday to get their health certificates. We’d love to have them all matched by then if possible!!

For the Mercedes litter, I will begin calling people tomorrow. We have just two families from the waiting list, Eva B and Eugenia T. I will be talking to them first and second. Then everyone else reached out even though they were not on the list. I have Amanda H, Ann A, Sara H, Martina A, Billie D, Jolene R, Kristin Z, Stacy M, Anna C, Yvonne D, Dennis M, and Denise S. I will be talking to these people in no particular order and I am already corresponding with a couple of them via email.

There are seven Mercedes pups to match and two Dutchess pups. Please reach out via email if you’re interested.

I also want to put out a plug for our Instagram account @ silverpawcavachons. I am going to be using IG stories a lot in the future to communicate the details. You won’t want to miss it. If you’re following our FB page you will get the same info as IG feeds right into Facebook.

My priority right now is to match the last two puppies from the Dutchess litter and get them all sent home. Then I can focus all my attention on the Mercedes pups.

We have lowered the price of our puppy nanny service to $750. My youngest son, who is now 21, and was three when we bred our first litters, (so he’s been around the dogs basically his whole life) is in charge of transporting puppies in the cabin of the aircraft to hand deliver them to you!! If this is something you’d like to pursue, let us know right away. It’s always better to book airline tickets sooner, rather than later.

What’s next? Penny, our large ruby colored Cavalier had puppies on December 22nd. They are also going to be large puppies. She had four pups, blenheim and golden. They will be ready in February.

Remember, the best way to communicate with us is via email, or give us a call. Thanks for following along! Kristy 😊💕🐶

2 responses to “Updates for Dutchess and Mercedes Litters

  1. Hello
    I’m interested in a Cavachon puppy! I see you’re in Spokane WA? We use to live in Hauser Lake, ID, now in CO. Do you have any puppies available now or in the near future? Prices?
    Thank you

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