Olivia Puppy Selection

Before we get to Olivia’s litter, I need to finish matching the Scarlett puppies. We still have 5 puppies from her litter and I will begin calling with #14 & 15 from her litter.

For the Olivia pups, here is the calling list:

1. #56 Marilyn K

2. #57 Ann D

3. #58 Judy D

4. #65 Chris B

5. #75 David J

6. #80 Robin L

I will begin calling after 1pm today. Hoping to get the Scarlett and Olivia pups all matched today.

**Those not on the waiting list, stand by. It could be possible that there are a couple Scarlett pups that don’t get matched. Most likely it will be the white pups, so if you’re ok with a very light/white F1b pup, this could be your opportunity. Feel free to send me an email (silverpawcavachons@gmail.com) with your phone number if you’re interested.**