Hi Everyone!

This post is for all the new people that are not on the waiting list yet. I have dozens of emails in my inbox. I am going to answer them all here.

Our waiting list is closed. I will reopen it in January. Your best strategy is to follow this blog, watch how things progress through the fall, and be ready with fast fingers in January.

I plan to open the list for a short period of time, like a tiny window, in January, but then it will be closed again.

I’ll be honest here. We are living in times unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in my lifetime. Will we be able to travel in a year, six months, next week?? It feels like perilous times, even though life is carrying on mostly like normal.

But I cannot, with a good conscience, take people’s money for puppies 12-18 months from now. We really don’t know what life will be like. So I need to tighten the strap a bit and only have enough people for what is coming around the corner. Right now, the list is long, right at about 100 people. I’m going to let it shrink by at least 25% before I add names again. I just feel that is the best thing to do right now.

Normally I would respond to every email with a cover letter with the most up to date info. But I am on the home stretch now for the puppies going home, my college class, the wedding, and school starting back up. It’s all coming down in 3 weeks and I’m REALLY feeling the pressure. So I am choosing to not take the time to respond to every email. I get several a day, every single day of the week. It’s a lot. It’s a good thing, just not during these next couple months.

School starting is anything but normal, and there are so many unknowns with that. It’s taking a lot of mental energy to cope with all the new rules and expectations, and I cannot spread myself too thin.

So for now, I am taking care of all dogs, getting the last 3 pups out the door, finishing my 4 credit college course, being available for all wedding needs, getting ready for school, and taking care of my own basic needs. Sadly, I am not responding to new emails wanting to get on the waiting list or asking if/when we have puppies.

Thanks for understanding!

Kristy 🐶😍💕

One response to “Emails

  1. Kristy,

    I totally get it honey! Please take care, and take time For yourself! No, you’re not selfish for putting your needs before people/customers for the puppies!

    Please take care and we can all talk next year! Good luck on college course, wedding and school!🥰🙏

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