Wrapping Up the Summer

Hi Everyone!

My whirlwind summer is coming to a close. School starts Monday and I am the sole teacher in a one room, grades 1-8 school (with an almost full time aide). My daughter is married, Bible class is done (second highest grade in the class), wedding shower is done, all the puppies have gone home, five loads of decluttering garbage have gone to the dump, and we are eating food out of the garden. Whew! It has been busy!!

I know all of you are still anxiously waiting for puppy news, and I have some for you!

Both Pearlie and Paige are very pregnant and we expect new puppies any day. As soon as they are born, I will let you all know. We are also keeping our eye on Fergie, Scarlett, and a new mama named Lacey. We might be expecting pups from all of them as well this early fall.

Thanks for your patience and all the prayers! I made it through my incredibly busy summer because of it! Here’s a quick snap from the wedding.

I cannot even believe that I didn’t get a candid shot with my daughter. The photographer did so I will share one soon. Here is the rest of our family and a tiny glimpse of the tiny wedding location.

And one more of my three kids…for many years, they were the puppy crew, in charge of helping feed, water, clean, and most importantly, holding and loving on the babies.

I trust you’ve all had a great summer (under the circumstances of our very changed lives). Blessings to all of you!


6 responses to “Wrapping Up the Summer

  1. Exhausting just reading your August & summer list. But so many happy events, Kristy. Lovely family. Congratulations!
    Keep us posted on puppy-dom.

    All the best, Ginny Stark

  2. Your life is full-filling!

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful family photos.
    I’ll look forward to your updates on puppies

    Valerie Patton

  3. thank you for sharing kristy! you seriously challenge the beautiful bride in the prettiest category but as with all brides, she wins.

    i don’t know where you got the energy for your summers’ activities, but love fuels us on doesn’t it?

    will look forward to pup news!

    lili. aka #1

  4. Hi Kristy!

    Congrats on ‘surviving’ your crazy busy summer and thank you for sharing the photos of your lovely family!

    Looking forward to the new puppy litters! 😊 🐶

    – Susan Dang & Family –


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